The ignorance of tax laws frees
not from the obligation to pay taxes.
But the knowledge is common.
(Amschel Meyer Rotschild)

Small but nice!😊

We are tax consultants and we celebrate our “freelance profession” and see ourselves as freelancers in the tradition and traditional sense.

“The term“ liberal profession ”goes back to the term“ artes liberales ”, which was used in antiquity to describe activities such as teachers, lawyers, builders, architects, engineers and doctors.”

“Characteristics of a liberal profession are the provision of a high-quality non-material service with a pronounced intellectual character on the basis of a higher-quality (academic) training, a service commitment to the common good, professional and economically independent performance of tasks, personal, self-responsible and professionally independent performance, the existence of a special relationship of trust between client and contractor, the deferral of the interest in maximizing profit compared to the interest of the contractor in optimal support as well as the commitment to precise and strict professional law and ethical regulations . “

Mag. Franz Toferer is an economist and passed the tax advisor examination in 2008. He has been an independent tax advisor since 2008. “Since then he’s been working, himself and all the time!”. Prior to that, he was a financial controller in the ski industry at Atomic Austria for many years , where he gained extraordinary experience in international finance.

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