Financial controlling and strategic advice

If you are enthusiastic about numbers and, as an entrepreneur, especially love controlling using key figures, percentage changes and benchmarks. Like to compare yourself with other companies using the numbers and always want to know where you stand and how you can take which measures so that you earn really well. Then financial controlling and planning are inevitable for you.

You then need an accounting and an information system that provides you with the information you want in real time and you need to really get involved in the permanent optimization of your company.

We love financial controlling, we are experienced freaks there and like to go on this journey of permanent strategic development of your corporate adventure.

When we work as external controllers, we need one thing above all else. Digitization , digitization, digitization.

To be quite honest, it is relatively easy for a business expert to create budget calculations and budget, analyze and explain target / actual comparisons or professionally prepare the information required for a bank meeting. Such things are done quickly, packed in good presentation technology and winning communication skills, you quickly inspire a customer and convey that he is equipped for the future.

But the devil is buried in sustainability. It is not the presentation and the analysis that bring success, but the targeted hard work in the implementation of the goals. We also see controlling in this sense from the operational side and link business tools with your IT systems (read again digitization) and expand your capacities to approach your management tasks strategically with our own human resources.

If you have heard about controlling for a long time, you always thought to yourself that I would have liked to have implemented something like this in my company, but you have not yet found a personnel resource to make progress with the implementation of controlling, then we are definitely the right choice for you you. We look forward to hearing from you!