Tax returns and tax equalization

Making the tax return or tax compensation for you ( preferably directly with Finanzonline ), which results in a credit, is really fun. Because even if many people understand the necessity of taxes, nobody really likes to pay them themselves. And we don’t like being the messenger for large tax payments.

People’s circumstances are very different. The family situation, the work situation (self-employed, employed, work in the EU or abroad, part-time), the financial situation (e.g. income from capital and real estate) all have a major impact on the tax return.

Tax laws are laws that always have a socio-political background and try to create a balance on the one hand and to promote certain economic developments in particular and to create incentives for them on the other.

That is why it is a sign of special trust for us when you let us prepare your tax return . Because you are also giving us insight into your very personal circumstances. And then it is a great pleasure and enthusiasm to see for you that everything is optimally explained for you in terms of tax and money.

So if you don’t want to mess with long forms. If you don’t want to deal too much with terms such as single-earner tax credit, special expenses , exceptional burdens, family bonus , maintenance tax credit , income- related expenses and lump sums, simply contact us.

We take care of everything in an uncomplicated manner. Communication also online or via Skype.

Contact us, give us the power of attorney to represent you and we will be working professionally for you.