The fee and thus the amounts on our invoice are above all a matter of negotiation. Clear calculation, good friends is the principle behind a well-negotiated and transparent fee.

A few parameters and notes as a guideline for the fee level:

The easiest way to bill is by the hour.

A tax advisor hour costs EUR 120.00.

An accounting hour costs EUR 80.00.

An accounting hour costs EUR 57.50.

As a rule, wage accounting is always calculated based on the number of accounts. Payroll accounting can be very complex, for example if there are time records from which surcharges etc. have to be calculated. The spectrum of a pay slip therefore ranges from EUR 10.00 to EUR 30.00 per statement.

But there are also other methods of agreeing a fee.

So you can use the number of posting lines. There are interesting key figures here, showing how quickly an efficient bookkeeper has to tap such a folder of documents into an accounting program. We would be happy to discuss the calculation of your tax consultancy expenses with you in detail and in alternative ways.

In general, it is the case with us that we don’t like to waste too much time posting or even sorting receipts. We want everything to be digital and ideally completely machine-readable. That is possible. More on this on our site about digitization.

Inform yourself. Compare your current costs and get a transparent alternative cost estimate. A lot can be optimized in the area of ​​bookkeeping and payroll accounting, i.e. in the operational area of ​​our service. That is why we like to speak of a fee spectrum or find this term appropriate. Contact us at office @ franztoferer .com or call me at 0664/9760833 . I am happy to look at your spectrum.