My workplace consists of a laptop and three screens. Big screens. There is also a notepad and a pencil. I cannot work without written notes. My goal is to get through the working day largely without paper.

My mood gets worse when I have too many receipts in front of me. I don’t like portfolios at all. All paper should be scanned as far as possible and then disappear easily in an archive. My printer is more of a scanner.

Reports, monthly statements, balance lists, balance sheets are sent via email. Alongside the cell phone, Outlook is the central communication point. Everything that comes in and goes out gathers there. And with Outlook, filing and archiving can be optimally organized.

Digitization is central for a tax consultancy. For us it is at the limit of any frustration tolerance to book a printed bank portfolio. We want a so-called CAMT53 data carrier, which is almost booked with artificial intelligence.

Almost everything else is already available digitally.

If you talk to us about a fee, we will also talk to you about how it can be cheaper by following certain steps and procedures in the transmission of the accounting documents. Sometimes it’s very simple tricks that can make a big difference.

And if you hire us as an external financial controller , we will help you to be among the best in digitization at very short notice.